Aussie Rules Football

Australian standards football has now just been perceived as a genuinely public rivalry.

Following 10 years and a portion of fending off the V.F.L (Victorian Football Association)

disgrace, the A.F.L would be happy with the most recent 6 years results.

Allow me to make sense of:

Australian standards football was created by 2 venturesome young fellows back in

the Mid 1800’s who expected to find an approach to keeping the cricketers wellness levels

up during winter.

They thought of what we แทงบอลออนไลน์ today as “Aussie Rules”.

Played exclusively in the Province of Victoria initially,in 1897, the Victorian Football Association

or then again V.F.L was conceived. This opposition was the first class of footballers from Melbourne and

encompassing locale.

It was a flourishing rivalry drawing in packs more than 60,000 to each of the

6 games played on a Saturday evening in rural Melbourne.

The game spread to different provinces of Australia yet never had the profile that it

had in Victoria. World class players from highway came to Victoria to pit their capacity

against the best in the country.

Highway amusement parks started in the 1950’s nevertheless it before long became clear that Victoria

was plainly prevailing now and again dominating matches by uncommon sums.

By the 1970’s this arrangement was changed to permit players to address the State they

at first came from. This permitted every one of the tip top players from different states that were

playing V.F.L to “Return Home” and address their own State.

This decisively affected the Highway rivalry and purchased recharged interest

from different States.

The administering group of football chose to move one of the V.F.L groups to

Sydney in New South Wales.Hence the South Melbourne Football Club moved

north in 1982.By the last part of the 80’s the V.F.L could see the interest level taking off

from different States and put the wheels into high gear to incorporate groups from Highway,


West Coast Birds in Western Australia

Adelaide Crows in South Australia

Brisbane Bears(later Lions) in Queensland.

(Port Adelaide S.A and Fremantle W.A were later inclulsions)

By 2000 the game had gone genuinely public with a 16 group rivalry from 5 States.

With West Coast winning 2 premierships (’92 and ’94 ) and Adelaide winning 2 (’97,’98)

the respected Prevalence Cup had left the boundaries of Victoria interestingly since


The V.F.L had changed its name to the A.F.L (Australian Football Association) and everybody

accepted the idea with the exception of perhaps for stalwart conventional Victorians.

Of the beyond 7 Thousand Finals played, including 2006 last week, 6 have been won by what

Victorians call “Highway Clubs”. The last 3 being challenged by non Victorian clubs.

Our game has changed, of that there is no question. Also, for the better as well.

Simply don’t let an excessive number of Victorians know that.

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