Football Fans Laying it on the Line – The Honor and Glory of Wearing Your Colors in Enemy Territory

Football season. Brotherhood. Rear end parties. Amigos getting together to root, root, pull for the old host group.

You wear your group shirts. You paint your appearances blue. You . . .

Pant! Stand by a moment! Can that be your new neighbor – the one you believed was a cool person – going along with you and the folks with his face painted (shiver) green!!!

Also, . . . also, . . . under that apparently guiltless coat . . . might that at any point be . . . ? Indeed, it is!!! Damn!!! A green shirt!

Somewhat seems as though he’s root, root, pulling for an alternate host group, no?

So much for brotherhood.

Helps us to remember when we lived in New Mexico. We’re Easterners, so when St. John’s was out there playing in the NCAA Competition, we were essentially alone among large number of cheering (and scoffing) New Mexico fans.

Truth be told, three columns down from us, there was a person reviling out St. John’s with such a lot of unfriendly zeal, he was beet red and cruising for a coronary episode.

Did we shake our heads in quiet objection?

Of course we didn’t! We shook out the old vocal harmonies and yelled stronger than he.

It nearly prompted a lynching. The humiliated person was quite far from being separated from everyone else. What’s more, we were quite far from home.

Yet, that was our group.

So before you ponder giving the swindler . . . uh, the person in the green shirt . . . the warm brew and consumed bratwurst, consider the guts it takes to be consistent with your group while you’re remaining solitary.


Furthermore, on the off chance that you spill a little Bud Light on that impacted green pullover . . . all things considered, it works out.

However, . . . uh . . . mustard is a considerably harder stain to get out. In the event you’re intrigued . . .

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